Industry Insights

‘Capturing the Zeitgeist’ by Suzanne Brewer, Suzanne Brewer Architects

Zeitgeist is a German word meaning ‘defining the spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by ideas & beliefs of the time’.

Hear from Suzanne as she dives deeper into how we can use these ideas to improve building design.

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'Rethinking the Terraced House' by Jonathan Tuckey, Jonathan Tuckey Design

Terraced houses comprise approximately one in six of all buildings in the UK, and their ubiquity forms an invaluable collective memory of our cities and towns.

Hear from Jonathan as he describes how how they can be adapted; continuing their longevity and legacy as practical homes.

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'Sustainable Architecture' by Nimi Attanayake, NimTim Architects

The question of how to create a sustainable project is always at the forefront of NimTim's thinking.

Hear from Nimi as she describes how how they create projects that endure for many years without the need for redevelopment or demolition.

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‘The Unfinished Finished Project’ by Anna Parker, Intervention Architecture

Intentionally unfinished projects are increasing in popularity more than ever.

Hear from Anna as she describes how to achieve these aesthetics, designers actually have to work harder to achieve a minimal effortless look which has a contemporary feel.

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‘BTR and embracing the circular economy’ by Ben Lovedale, Associate at Sheppard Robson

The burgeoning Build-to-Rent (BTR) sector’s emphasis on community and long-term stewardship of an asset means that it is well placed to prioritise efficiency and environmental performance.

Hear from Ben as he describes how BTR can be used to kickstart the circular economy.

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