Richard Dudzicki

Managing Director , RDA Architects Ltd.

Richard Dudzicki is a globally-recognised architect and leader within the Passivhaus community and was a finalist in the 2021 British Home Awards. 

As Founder and Director of RDA Architecture & Interiors, based in London, Richard has been at the forefront of sustainable home design for more than 26 years. Along with his visionary team, he continues to pave the way for sustainable home design in the UK and beyond.

Richard’s mission is to change people’s perception of what a home could be, proving that energy efficiency and stunning architectural design can and should go hand in hand. Both an active participant in the fight against climate change and designer of his very own passive Enerphit home, Richard doesn’t just “Talk the Talk,” he walks the walk and shows others how to walk the path too. 

With more than 200 energy-efficient home design projects under his belt, ranging from renovations to brand new Passivhaus builds, Richard and the team at RDA are true pioneers, showing the world that cleaner homes are not only possible and profitable, but beautiful — inside and out.