Magnolia House

RDA Architects Ltd

Magnolia House is the product of modernity infused into a 130 year old Victorian house. Both exterior and interior had been untouched since the 60s, suffering from a mishmash of windows, dark spaces and poor views to the garden but, Magnolia house showed incredible potential. RDA took a three part plan of action towards fulfilling the potential of this south London house.

First; was to take the existing cellar, a dark unusable space with low ceilings and extend it by 120m2. This created a new level for living and dining spaces. Second; on the rear façade large triple glazed panels were installed. This would create a large void in the façade during installation, requiring expensive supports. RDA’s solution was not only cost effective but also aimed to reduce waste. To install the glazing, the rear façade was knocked down and rebuilt, including decorative features with the original brick. Double heighted floor to ceiling windows with an up and over glazing panel, flooded the basement with light and created generous double heighted rooms, creating the open and light filled spaces the clients wanted. Thirdly; to seamlessly marry modern with traditional. The interior was designed so modern worked alongside new and existing traditional design. A primary example being the stained glass entrance door, a period feature, which was heightened by the use of parquet flooring. By selectively choosing beautiful Victorian features to preserve and wisely using contrasting modern materials, decorations and joinery, subsequently incorporated modernity elegantly, into the Victorian house.