Island Point

Squire & Partners

Island Point is a new residential development on Westferry Road, delivering high quality affordable homes to the area.

The scheme provides 173 residential units in a group of low rise buildings. The community is centred on a new south facing garden square, framed by apartment blocks, townhouses and maisonettes. Townhouses enjoy private gardens, and each apartment has its own external terrace. A community pavilion for use by residents and local groups is located in the centre of the site. Designs reference local industrial buildings such as listed Burrells Wharf, employing brick as the primary material and metal detailing for windows and balconies, grouped vertically in bays. Within this common architectural language, different expressions define the building types – maisonettes being arranged in pairs, townhouses expressed as individual units and apartments in larger warehouse style buildings. Areas of green glazed bricks are used to bring interest and character to the development, the colour referencing the Blythe Burrell Colour Company Ltd which established its colour works on the nearby Millwall Iron Works in 1888.