Tree View House

Neil Dusheiko Architects

: Landscape Designer: Jane Brockbank. Engineer: Momentum

Located in Barnet, Tree View House involved transforming an end of terrace house into a space that seamlessly blends with the lush landscape. Inspired by the family's previous residences in Delhi and California, Neil Dusheiko Architects incorporated thoughtful interventions to meet the clients' needs. The project expanded the original 185-square-meter home to a total of 230 square meters, with innovative design solutions addressing challenges such as flooding, level changes, and damage caused by surrounding trees.

By leveraging structural and environmental constraints, the team repaired foundations, implemented underpinning, and created a flood barrier. The redesign not only tackled practical issues but also emphasised the client's narrative, resulting in a tranquil sanctuary that offers relief from the outside world. Sustainability played a crucial role, with the inclusion of a planted swale and vegetation that thrives in damp conditions to address flooding. Thermal performance was enhanced through insulation and passive ventilation, and materials reflecting the client's heritage were used to establish a unique ambiance. The project encountered technical challenges, including flooding from park runoff, cracking on the south facade due to subsidence, and a disconnected flow between living spaces and the garden. These obstacles were overcome by introducing a swale, repairing, and insulating facades, and creating different levels to establish a connection to the garden. Tree View House project successfully transformed the bungalow into a harmonious living environment. It met the clients' needs, incorporated innovative design elements, and overcame various challenges to create a tranquil space that seamlessly merges with the surrounding landscape.