The Post Building

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

The Post Building transforms a Royal Mail sorting office on New Oxford Street in Central London, bringing back into use a prominent site which has been derelict for over 20 years, whilst reconnecting the building to the city with a new mix of office, retail, residential and community uses.

The London Borough of Camden (LBC) require 50% of the Gross External Area uplift (in retrofit/ conversion projects) to be provided as residential accommodation (50% private, 50% affordable tenure). The proposals for The Post Building provide 100% of the required affordable housing on site with the private requirement being met by a financial payment. This created a unique opportunity to provide affordable housing in a very Central London location as part of the same city block as the commercial building. The affordable housing component of the scheme takes the form of a dual aspect 7 storey element that occupies the south east corner of the site containing 21 apartments. The mix includes 11 one bed; 6 two bed and 4 three bed apartments. To ensure the housing is available to everyone 1 two bed and 1 three bed apartments are designed to be fully wheelchair accessible. All of the apartments are provided with private wintergardens with the added benefit of a shared fully landscaped roof terrace and children’s play space.