The Penthouse at Belvedere Gardens, Southbank Place

Goddard Littlefair

Client: Braeburn Estates

The Penthouse at Belvedere Gardens was designed by Goddard Littlefair

and is prominently positioned at the forefront of Southbank Place, with 360-degree views of London. Due to its position in the building, the penthouse provides direct views of Big Ben through a full-height glazed sliding door - leading onto a private terrace. The arrangement of the kitchen inspired Goddard Littlefair to dress the space without a clock and to use the world-famous clockface just outside the window. Goddard Littlefair has celebrated art and craftsmanship throughout the apartment and there are subtle elements that tailor to the needs of the resident. Each room has its own narrative and story whilst also giving nods to London life. A key element of the design process for the Penthouse was to anticipate and think about the needs and requirements of future residents. For Goddard Littlefair, this was all about creating a home that compliments a lifestyle that features the finer things in life. A key room in the penthouse is the dining area, which has been designed to capture guests attention as they walk in. Firstly, by the wonderful views of the Houses of Parliament, London Eye and across the River Thames onto the City of London. But also, the larger-than-average dining room table which is 4.4 metres in length and made from Patagonia stone. The table is cleverly placed along the axis from the kitchen through to the bedroom. This has allowed to accentuate the volume of the dining area.