The Mews, Marylebone

Huntsworth Property Company

Client: HWM Development Co

: Curo Construction, Doodle Architecture, Leonari

3-9 Huntsworth Mews in Marylebone, London is an exclusive collection of four two-storey properties that instigate, facilitate, and celebrate the joy of living. From their humble origins as a fully functioning coach house (built to serve the prestigious households of Dorset Square) they were acquired in 2021 by Huntsworth Property as a shell of their former stature. They had become dark, redundant office spaces, topped by three sub-optimal flats; a sorry story!

Yet the beauty of their original design, and the energy of their superb location, glittered through grimy years of disuse with the sparkle of potential. We at Huntsworth, together with Doodle Architecture, were immediately enamoured with The Mews, and set out to lovingly restore their original charm whilst enhancing their history with innovative modern craftmanship, utilitarian features, and stunning design. The result is a suite of charismatic, contemporary spaces, idyllically located in a tranquil, unassuming corner of our capital, designed to celebrate the beauty of lives best lived. The difficult days of the pandemic saw people spend more time at home than ever before. This brought an appreciation of happiness in the home that has never been more tangible. In parallel, Huntsworth Mews presents its own tale of resilience and character, evolving triumphantly through a new era of repurposed bricks and mortar. A true celebration of the joy of living!