The Conrad, 9 Milbank

Goddard Littlefair

Client: Berkeley Group

For much of its history, 9 Millbank was the largest manufacturer in Britain and was originally part of the Imperial Chemical House designed by Sir Frank Baines and built in 1929. Goddard Littlefair celebrates British design and the existing heritage of the building, achieving a ‘quintessentially British’ scheme for The Conrad.

The design brings aspects of the iconic architecture and English heritage inside to create an ‘instant history’ that is realised throughout. The studio respects and celebrates the heritage architectural features, whilst softening them to provide a residential aesthetic. Architecturally, the listed timber panels in the main living areas have been stripped back and restored to their former glory for their new residential setting. English heritage is evoked and revered through an opulent colour palette of greens and blues and the chosen materials of plush velvets. These also provide a much warmer atmosphere, softening the impactful architecture. The traditional parquet flooring, along with tones of black and white, conjure the classical English heritage of Westminster, offset by rich leathers, beautiful silks, and aged oaks that provide a more contemporary finish. Continuing the celebration of British Heritage, Goddard Littlefair worked on the scheme with various British suppliers, including vintage and luxury specialists London Rug House and commissioned luxury bespoke lighting from Northern Lights. The storytelling of The Conrad is showcased through bespoke design that enhances the character of the apartment and celebrates British craftsmanship. Navigating the strength in architecture shows consistent consideration for the future tenant and client by Goddard Littlefair.