The Hill Group

SoloHaus is the first modular home to be specifically designed for people experiencing homelessness. Designed by The Hill Group, it is an exceptional example of a home that perfectly meets the needs of its target market.

It was created for Hill’s pioneering charitable initiative to provide 200 free homes over five years to charities and local authorities who are addressing homelessness. The most efficient way of delivering these homes was off-site manufacture, but no modular options were available that met Hill’s exacting criteria of safety and comfort, durability, easy to transport and low carbon footprint. To realise its vision, Hill secured a 50% stake in innovative off-site design and construction firm Volumetric Modular and engaged with leading homelessness charities to ensure that the design of its innovative home would exactly match its residents’ needs. SoloHaus delivers comfort, safety and exceptionally low energy costs for homeless people. Purposefully designed for low cost and long life – up to 60 years – as well as easy transportation and assembly, it is a flexible and cost-effective solution for affordable housing providers. Since its launch in 2020, there has been overwhelming demand to purchase SoloHaus homes, in addition to Hill’s pledge. 136 homes have already been delivered across the UK. Hill is actively involving local stakeholders, such as residents and schools, in the delivery of its schemes to give the local community a sense of ownership. The exemplary design of SoloHaus is revolutionising the provision of high-quality, low-cost homes and integrating vulnerable people into communities.