Pembridge Villas, London

Designed by Woulfe

We undertook a full home renovation for this prime property in West London’s Notting Hill. The 2,900 sq ft family home included four bedrooms, four bathrooms and entertaining and living areas spread across two floors. Our clients were a sociable, career-driven American couple residing in London with their three-year-old twin boys. They were keen for their home to be a sanctuary away from the hectic nature of their professional lives. We delivered a comforting and grounding environment where they could make memories with their children and entertain guests in a relaxed yet luxurious manner. As avid globetrotters, our clients were keen to incorporate design elements inspired by the boutique hotels they experience on their travels. The final outcome was a beautiful combination of high-quality, elegant interiors with a depth of rich textures, natural materials and plenty of botanicals to bring about a sense of approachability, tactility and comfort. Paying homage to their heritage, we celebrated Indian craftsmanship with intricately beaded soft furnishings and made vivid jewel tones central to the colour scheme. Our clients had a passionate interest in sustainability, so we ensured the home reflected their values through our choices. We sourced locally-produced products where possible, used natural and sustainable materials and the IT infrastructure further improved the green credentials of this home. Our main challenge was maximising space for every member of the family, but we cleverly included plenty of storage to keep the space uncluttered but functional.