High Sunderland

Loader Monteith

Loader Monteith has sensitively and forensically restored High Sunderland, one of only two Category A-listed modernist houses in Scotland. High Sunderland was designed by famous British modernist architect, Peter Wormesley for world-renowned textile designer Bernat Klein and his family in 1957, and played a central role in Klein’s success throughout his career.

The house required sensitive and complex restoration after weather and fire damage in 2017. Loader Monteith and their clients saw the accident as a positive opportunity to restore the woodland retreat in the Scottish Borders to its original Wormesley vision, and enhance the energy efficiency of the house with new, invisible sustainable interventions. An air source heat pump, new electricals, an underfloor heating system and insulated warm roof have been surgically incorporated into the tight, original lines of the meisian design. Loader Monteith exhaustively researched Wormesley’s projects, combing historic records to exactly restore the house and its fittings including cabinetry, panelling and Klein textile furniture. In deftly incorporating as many environmentally-friendly focused solutions as possible to the skeleton of High Sunderland, Loader Monteith has set a high standard for the impending future of modernist restoration work across the world. Their work celebrates and preserves High Sunderland and its rich history, so it can be enjoyed for many generations to come.