Grosvenor Road

Midland Heart

: Tricas, Oakley Architects, Thornton Firkin; Birmingham City University

to model the Future Homes Standard which will become a regulatory requirement in 2025. In addition, being the first site to model the standard, the project is leading the way in understanding every aspect of delivering homes to the Future Homes Standard, including: understanding the technical feasibility, cost impact, resident experience and as-built performance, and will include 12 months of post occupancy data collection and occupant interviews to ensure that the homes (and future homes generally) both perform technically and are usable of those living in them.

Eco Drive is a former brownfield site that was developed into 12 high-quality new homes as part of a voluntary right to buy replacement scheme. The site was originally designed to meet the 2013 building regulations, and then in 2020 was retrospectively changed to model the FHS – an approach the housebuilding industry is likely to model. The homes have been built to achieve an 80% uplift in overall carbon efficiency over the current 2013 Regulations. To maximize research benefit, the project has modelled 3 different approaches to meeting the FHS. We are working with Birmingham City University to undertake comprehensive monitoring of the homes, including: •energy performance •indoor air quality •temperature •resident engagement The data and findings from this will be used to inform a Government led technical consultation on FHS, as well as being disseminated to the wider housing sector.