Great Kneighton

Countryside Properties

Great Kneighton can attribute its success to the all-encompassing nature of the development – a true ’20-minute’ neighbourhood – it features 2550 new homes, 49 hectares of public open space, 3050 sqm of retail space, two new schools, a community building, a health centre, sports pitches and play areas offer community and recreational facilities for all ages. The extent of the social and green infrastructure delivered is crucial to supporting the new homes, 40% of which are tenure-blind affordable housing.

Countryside fostered a positive and constructive dialogue with local people and businesses by launching an ambitious public art programme to help integrate the existing Trumpington residents and establish a sense of place. Together with the City Council, local residents were involved in developing the public arts strategy, which largely takes its influence from the history and landscape of the site. The 120-acre Country Park at Great Kneighton offers plenty of recreational space to keep residents active with the southern phase of the park now well established. The park is already home to lots of wildlife who have taken up residence in the woodland and four ponds, one of which is a 50,000sqm bird reserve, home to a wide range of species.