Framework House

Amos Goldreich Architecture

Framework House is a new extension designed as a multifunctional space for the occupants who live, work and entertain in the three-bedroom London property.

Rather than designing the typical box extension, Amos Goldreich Architecture worked with the young family to create an asymmetric structure that celebrates light and modern life. The framework of exposed beams and shelves establishes a purposeful structure for the interior. The internal layout provides opportunities to interact with and enjoy nature from numerous angles within the property. Externally, a sedum roof has been planted and appears to merge with the garden offering beautiful views from the first floor bedrooms. Previously when you walked into the kitchen it was like walking into a cupboard, the space was so narrow and dark. Now the owners walk into the house and can see straight through to the garden. They have a better visual and physical connection to the garden, which instantly improves the sense of wellbeing in the home. A window seat, for instance, creates the sense that you’re sitting inside the garden.