ND Studios

: MY construction

Denewood, a 10,000 square foot modern detached home in a leafy pocket of North London was a complete rebuild and interior redesign project. The only aspect of the building that remains from the original Victorian Arts & Crafts home is the front fa├žade.

The interiors had to cater to the various needs of a large blended family of seven. It was to be spacious and open plan downstairs to create an inclusive, communal space but for each family member to have their own private bedroom and ensuite bathroom upstairs. The client wanted the home to be a symbol of new beginnings and as such all furniture, artwork and accessories were to be sourced by ND Studios. Challenges included adhering to a legally-binding covenant on the land which prevented us from creating a basement swimming pool and gym. Instead we decided on a separate pavilion at the end of the garden. Our clients also wanted to incorporate sustainable practises not only into the built but into how they live. This is something we try to prioritise with all of our projects and were happy to install a ground source heat pump.