Citizens House

Archio and London CLT

: Lewisham Citizens

Citizens House is a development 11 affordable homes in Lewisham which is the result of a campaign by local people to build Community Land Trust (CLT) homes on surplus council owned land. The flats are the first purpose-built community land trust homes to be completed in London.

Archio developed a three-to-four storey building that faces onto a landscaped courtyard, with generous projecting balconies that zig-zag across the front fa├žade. Located on a highly constrained site, the building has a stepped profile to address the change in height between the surrounding developments and has been carefully positioned to fit into the existing layout of the estate, whilst minimising impact on neighbouring residents and the school. A series of insets have been carved into the block to bring light into the centre of the building. The exterior is made up of a pale brick, with a central winding staircase at the rear, and solar panels on the flat roof. Community cohesion is embedded into the design of the new building, which encourages new and existing residents to interact and integrate over time. Internally the homes are bright and flexible, with floor to ceiling windows, large balconies, and natural light to the entrance hall. The two bed homes include generous extra-wide entrance halls allowing for a dedicated space to work from home. The project completed in January 2023, and lucky residents are now living in their new homes.