Archway Road

pH+ Architects

Our Archway Road project in the heart of the Highgate retains and enhances a much-loved Victorian façade within the local Conservation Area whilst creating a truly modern development behind. Our shared vision was to refurbish the facade and extend the original building, working closely with the existing character of the building, to create 25 striking new residential homes.

A new active shop frontage has been provided along the busy Archway Road, while the existing basement has been enlarged and improved to provide affordable workspace for a small local fashion business. Environmental impact and social responsibility were important drivers which resulted in a challenging and careful retention, renovation and refurbishment of three existing Victorian façades and original ornamental features. Great care has been taken to ensure the design is at an appropriate scale, with contemporary architecture making clear references to the surrounding context and existing building. The scheme features a variety of shared amenity spaces distributed across three floors. Spaces allow you to meet your neighbours and enjoy outlook to either adjacent greenery or sweeping views across the Victorian roof tops. Private roof terraces feature to the homes at first floor along Archway Road and encourage ‘Over the fence’ discourse with your neighbours through the introduction of low level planting. This is an approach that maximises the qualitative and commercial values of the properties whilst also delivering social and ecological value for the context.