101 on Cleveland

Assael Exteriors

: Assael Architecture, Art-Invest Real Estate UK, Dukelease & ECE, Townshend (Initial landscape concept design)

101 on Cleveland replaces a redundant site in the heart of Fitzrovia with a new contextually-designed development inspired by the eclectic character and built rhythm of the urban area. The resulting three-building approach opens the site up to light permeability and views across the site, and created the opportunity for two external podium gardens. Accessible to all residents, these landscaped spaces connect the three buildings at first floor and include areas for outdoor study, exercise, community events and socialising, lawns with informal playspace, elevated decking platforms, lush planting for screening and beautification for a retreat from city life, and discreet habitat features such as bird boxes and bug hotels.

As a triangular island site bound by streets on all three sides, introducing an active frontage and improved public realm was critical to the design. Glazing, residential entrances and 35,000 sq ft of commercial space now provide natural surveillance to each of the three streets. Existing trees have been preserved where possible, and additional trees have been planted to provide greenery and enhance the streetscene. To the south of the site, at the apex of the building, public artwork contributes to the enhanced public realm, below which a new ‘community garden’ includes a variety of plants donated from neighbours of the adjacent Holcroft Court. Biodiversity and sustainability considerations have been incorporated into this scheme throughout the design, which includes an intensive green roof with a rich biodiverse and seasonal planting palette.