Nicoll Townhouse

Amalia Boier Atelier

We were approached by a private client (a young couple) to work partially on their property's interior architecture and furnishings to help them achieve a timeless, serene look that made their space feel warmer and homier.

One of the main issues was their Master Bedroom, located on the top floor. An enormously scaled room with double-height, mismatched proportions, insufficient storage, and inadequately configured for its usage. We have reconfigured this space to allow for a much brighter and harmonious layout, with plenty of storage. We added partition walls to convert the room into two adjoining spaces: their main Master Bedroom and the Master Dressing Area and en-suite. Clients were travel enthusiasts, and both shared a love for Japan and peaceful aesthetics. We delicately highlighted this by bringing in silk wallpapers, teak soft timber frames, sycamore veneers and upholstered fabrics inspired by the oriental landscapes, subtly reflected through the soft ivories, pastel blues and silky yarns that brought the right blend of allure and cosiness. Comfort and ease of use were paramount to the design throughout this property. The client wanted to achieve a comfortable look that was truly reflective of their lifestyle, where they live beautifully and at ease. We focused on unique aspects and pieces that injected character and refined details into their living space. Expressing the intangible through craftsmanship and artisan sourced products and mostly heirloom furniture pieces emanated as statements, bringing a better impact on sustainability and carbon footprint, most made here in the UK.