Woodberry Down


Woodberry Down is the comprehensive regeneration and transformation of the Woodberry Down estate in North London into a revitalised place to live, work and play. The 30-year £1bn project is one of the capital’s largest estate regeneration projects providing place-shaping, social and economic change on an inspiring scale.

The concepts of placemaking and people sit at the heart of the development project, which on completion in 2035 will see 1,890 existing homes replaced by over 5,500 new homes (of which 41% will be affordable). The long-term transformation of the 52.2-hectare site can be attributed to the effective collaboration between the four main delivery partners: Hackney Council, Notting Hill Genesis, Berkeley Homes and Resident-led Woodberry Down Community Organisation (WDCO). In addition to housing, the regeneration project has also prioritised improved infrastructure. New schools, health centres and community facilities have been established, providing essential services and amenities to the residents of Woodberry Down. The revitalisation of the area has also led to the creation of job opportunities and economic growth, contributing to the local economy. The transformation of Woodberry Down has not only improved the physical infrastructure of the area but has also created a sense of pride and belonging among its residents. The regeneration has fostered a stronger sense of community, with new opportunities for social interaction, recreation, and cultural engagement. The refreshed Woodberry Down is now a vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable community that serves as a model for successful urban regeneration projects in London and beyond.