Wandsworth House

Finkernagel Ross

Wandsworth House, a Victorian terraced property in Wandsworth Common Conservation Area, South West London, initially measured 2716.811sq ft. Through our extension design, it now stands at 2787.85sq ft.

Having lived in their home for many years and unsuccessfully been through the process of re-thinking the way their home worked before, our clients wanted: a razor-sharp, unobstructed, contemporary new space that contrasted from their traditional Victorian home, dramatic ceiling heights, and ample light. A space which looks simple but is anything but. This project brief was about changing the way they live rather than creating more space. We started with a complicated idea and distilled it to something elegant and simple looning creating impact into a space. The unobstructed part of the brief was what proved to be the challenge. We set to work with our Structural Engineers, sketching and modelling ways which we could support the long first floor closet wing extension above, ensuring a space below which was free of columns. This required not one, but two, structural cantilevers. The finished design is free from visible structure. We took the design one step further by accentuating the hovering first floor extension, wrapping it with glass to let light flood in. Our clients love the space we have created, its changed their quality of life. A dramatic yet simple, unobstructed and impactful space where their family and friends can come together, while keeping the traditional layout of the existing home as private spaces for retreat, exactly what they wanted.