Walthamstow Gateway Phase 2

Rolfe Judd

Client: Solum Regeneration

: Kier Property - Client Agent, Osborne - Contractor, Mace Group - Project Manager, Fabrik - Landscape Designers, Waterman Structures - Structural Consultant, Nexus Planning - Planning Consultants

Walthamstow Central Phase 2 is located within the commuter carpark adjacent to the south platform of Walthamstow Central Station. It is an eleven-storey, private tenure residential building containing 79 one and two-bedroom apartments, along with extensive landscaping and tree planting works to the existing commuter carpark.

It is conceived as a floating box to keep it clear of the parking and access requirements at ground level, and to bring the majority of the apartments up to, and above, the level of the new tree canopy. The bulk of the form is set in the centre of the site to keep clear of the underground constraints which prevent the sub-structure required to support any substantial building. The form of the upper part of the building is a series of brass ‘wraps’ which envelope the inner form containing the apartments and constrain their aspects in a primarily east-west direction. This allows for full height glazing to bedrooms and living spaces while protecting the privacy of neighbouring properties. The upper section is generally clad in a glass plank system and articulated with four weathered brass ‘wraps’ to accentuate the predominantly east-west aspect of the apartments. The surrounding environs consists of the re-linked pedestrian route along the southern boundary and the parking area between the route and the northern boundary. The carpark will have extensive semi-mature planting to create a plane of greenery at first floor from the tree canopy.