Trinity Square, Barnet exemplifies positive intensification of suburban London with a gentle density of 110 dwellings/hectare delivering 404 homes at a scale and architecture that is both familiar and appealing.

The family focused neighbourhood comprises 3 storey houses and 4-5 storey apartment blocks forming traditional terraced streets, urban in form, but with a high proportion of family housing with appropriate levels of parking both on street and within courtyard blocks.

Based around new streets and a central public square, the mix of terraced houses and innovative courtyard blocks, provide homes for all. The housing comprises a mixture of apartments and maisonettes, with a proportion across all housing types being affordable, including homes adaptable for wheelchair use.

Homes are designed in line with a variety of design standards such as the London Plan, Lifetime Homes and Secure by Design. The streets are designed to be welcoming, desirable and easily travelled, to attract footfall and promote connectivity.

Although our design supports a strong, self-contained community, it also lays foundations for extending that benefit into the wider area, re-knitting the site into the neighbourhood physically and socially, supporting a diverse and rooted community, which contributes to the developmentā€™s overall sustainability.

The successful synthesis of all of our design disciplines with our understanding of the key parameters for Barratt have led to both commercial success and consumer popularity. That commercial success is founded on its combinationof distinctive appearance and well thought out home layouts which have proven extremely popular with purchasers.