The Fenchurch at Saffron Wharf, London Dock

St George & Atellior

The Fenchurch is the stunning three bedroom show apartment designed by leading interior design firm Atellior, situated within the landmark 18-storey Saffron Wharf tower at London Dock, developed by St George.

The tower takes its name from the precious spice, still more valuable than gold, that was imported to the docks from Iran, India and China up until the second half of the twentieth century. The apartment pays homage to this rich industrial heritage, designed to be a real showcase of everything saffron stands for: luxury, history, richness. The interior design scheme includes ochre and rich amber tones throughout the home, contrasted by rich black marble, brushed brass inlays and dark veneer that dares to be bold. The project reflects St George’s commitment to sustainability, with both Atellior and St George keen to work with as many British artisans as possible. This enabled the team to create bespoke furniture and lighting, without having to rely on shipping items from overseas. For example, all soft furnishings were supplied by local bespoke furniture makers Circus 25, and artwork was commissioned from local galleries and artists. A luxurious non-animal derived eco leather was used, which is far less toxic in terms of the manufacturing process, while wallpapers are pvc-free and contain only eco-friendly materials, while window dressings were locally sourced. Saffron Wharf is the latest addition to this remarkable 1,800 home transformation story, forming one of the capital’s most exciting new neighbourhoods located in the former industrial district of Wapping.