The Elms

Veya Homes

Created with passion by Veya Homes to showcase the sustainability of British timber and ultimately increase its use across the construction industry, The Elms in Rangeworthy, South Gloucestershire, is an exceptional example of homes curated with purpose. Through hours of rigorous research, the four beautiful properties were completed with 82% of UK-grown, locally-sourced timber, while overall, 91% of the build’s materials and products were UK-sourced.

Veya is working to establish a new industry benchmark for bespoke timber homes. Their properties are sustainable both in terms of materials used and future energy consumption but also created without losing sight of the need for low-cost yet high-quality design and comfort. Each home at The Elms meets the AECB standard of energy performance and is clad with thermally modified ash to enhance the durability of the timber. With a deeply embedded design principle to build sustainably, focussing on locally-sourced materials, Veya Homes established a ‘Sustainability Tracker’ which recorded: • the locality of manufacturer • ethics of production companies • overall cost of the material; The Elms was awarded the first ever Grown in Britain Project Certificate by Grown in Britain.