The Astor, 9 Millbank.

Goddard Littlefair

The Astor, the largest of all apartments from Berkeley Homes’ Heritage Collection at 9 Millbank is a landmark penthouse property boasting inimitable original features from its former life as a functioning office building and the headquarters of the Imperial Chemical Industries in the 1920s.

In order to celebrate the grandeur of this magnificent property, while creating an elegant residential scheme, Goddard Littlefair sought to meld the history of the building and the area, with the timeless gilded opulence of Westminster into this newly developed luxury home. This design direction was pursued while acknowledging the multiple challenges of converting such ornate, unique and grandly scaled spaces to an environment that feels intuitively residential. The success of this project is testament to the studio’s implicit understanding of all design disciplines from the internal layout of the residence to the creation of layers of texture, lighting and dressing that ultimately invite residents to feel relaxed in an interior that truly belongs to its location. Impeccably curated, down to the most intricate of details, The Astor is a celebration of British traditions and the unrivalled history of London, designed with an international and discerning muse in mind. Each space carries nods to the capital’s past while breathing fresh inspiration through contemporary furnishing choices and bold, modern patterns and accessorising, making it a unique and prestigious home that authentically reveres great British style.