Stepped Garden House

Stylus Architects

The project was situated in Streatham, on a steep hill, with the site positioned at the hill's peak and sloping dramatically from the front to the rear of the house. The existing property failed to utilize the site effectively, with consistent internal levels that severed any connection between the house and the garden.

This initial site analysis drove the development of the architectural and design brief. Early concepts centred around the idea of splitting the floor plates both internally and externally to gradually transition down towards the garden. Through the evolution of the design, the connection between the garden and house became a reality. It wasn't just the altered levels that facilitated this connection, but also the extensive use of glazing at the rear of the property. Three-panel sliding doors seamlessly connected the dining area to the patio, a design element echoed by the three-panel roof light above. This glass box served as a clear visual link to the garden from every vantage point within the building. In terms of interiors, materials were selected to impart a contemporary yet soft aesthetic to the design. The result was marked by a blend of humility and drama, creating an overall ambiance that was both inviting and visually striking.