Spinners Grange


Comfortably nestled within a natural bowl at the head of Blockley Brook valley. The site occupies 2.22ha of pastureland, sloping towards Blockley Brook. Each home individually designed, by award winning Cotswold architect, Tyack and hand built with traditional materials, reflects local architecture.

The design response followed an extensive study of the site and surrounding area, combining an evaluation of constraints and opportunities, together with planning advice, into a proposal that successfully addressed all pertinent issues. Specialist advice from archaeological, visual impact, ecological, arboricultural, transport, flood risk and drainage consultants, strongly influenced the layout, access, and landscaping. The scale, proportion and simplicity of the proposed dwellings responded to that within the Conservation Area. The development creates an attractive and distinctive entrance to the village, set around generous landscaping. The layout, when superimposed onto the current village geography, demonstrates a sympathetic continuation of the existing built environment. The buildings are respectfully set back from mature hedgerow whilst the houses have deep back gardens to incorporate the flood zone and show consideration to the wildlife habitat. The loose grain mimics neighbouring properties, invoking the appearance of natural, organic village growth. Local native species of plants used protect local ecology and landscaping seeks to harmoniously blend with the surrounding open countryside. External materials include random natural stone, cedar and larch boarding. Local Winchcombe stone roof tiles were used to blend with established older homes, laid by specialist skilled trades. Architectural detailing alongside contemporary interiors displays real character.