Olive Morris Court - supporting our most vulnerable residents

Haringey Council (in partnership with The Hill Group)

Opened in October 2021, Olive Morris Court (OMC) is a ground-breaking 32 modular “SoloHaus” development by Haringey Council and The Hill Group, and the first scheme completed in the Mayor of London’s Rough Sleeping Accommodation Programme.

Factory-built using a fully modular, volumetric approach, OMC has transformed a South Tottenham brownfield site into a landscaped home for 32 vulnerable individuals and an onsite support hub. With Hill donating 16 of the 33 units, OMC forms part of Haringey Council’s commitment to build 3,000 new affordable homes by 2031. Each SoloHaus is designed to prevent fuel poverty: an innovative fabric-led design, a state-of-the-art communal heating and hot water system, a shared air-source heat pump and a Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery system meant, on opening, residents had (estimated) weekly energy bills of just £5. CO2 emissions savings are 31% beyond 2020’s planning requirement. Self-contained, furnished and equipped, each SoloHaus meets Secured by Design standards and complies with Building Regulations, Part M4(2). Haringey Council’s Homeless Health Inclusion Team leads on support: each resident gets a tailored plan covering their physical and mental health, and employment needs. Each has a named keyworker, is registered with a GP, and can access other health and care services onsite. OMC is changing lives: “One new resident expressed her gratitude through tears of joy. Why? Because for everyone at OMC, it’s the first time in 10 years they’ve had their own front door and a home to call their own.”