Old Apple Store

Selencky Parsons

The Old Apple Store project serves as a demonstration of what can be done to transform a poorly designed existing house into a striking and sustainable home for the future. The site had much to offer but needed imagination to unlock its potential. Developing a design that both harnessed the potential of the existing house and added a thoughtfully designed extension was critical to achieving the aims of the project on a sensible budget. The existing house was refurbished and then linked to the new large extension around a courtyard that is framed by an existing brick garden arch and glazed link. The external expression of the large extension takes its inspiration from the original house triple pitched roof structure to visually marry together the old and the new. However the triple pitched roof forms of the new extension are rotated 90 degrees to respond to the views of the garden and countryside and allow high levels of natural light to flood the interior. This combination of old and new acts to preserve the historic charm of the original house whilst introducing a crisply detailed modern extension that provides open, spacious and exciting new living spaces and master bedroom.