Studio Partington

City Homes 2050 Pilot project has transformed 10 hard-to-heat, socially rented homes into desirable, warm and affordable homes for Nottingham City Homes for £650,000.

Applying the Energiesprong approach in the UK for the first time, the project shows how revenue can be diverted from utilities to the construction industry to help address fuel poverty and the UK housing crisis. 

Established in the Netherlands, this whole house refurbishment and funding approach calculates accumulated savings of reduced energy bills and reinvests this sum into the building industry to improve living conditions for tenants.

Delivered by Melius, seven terraced houses and three bungalows in Nottingham have been transformed aesthetically, spatially, and thermally through the application of LoCal Homes’ Eco 200 closed timber panels that wrap around the exterior of each home.

Prefabricated offsite, the wall panels arrive in full storey heights, complete with ample insulation, double glazed units and a durable board finish, ready to crane into place. Newly installed photovoltaic roof panels and a centralised communal heating and hot water system also contributed significantly to the project's success.

Tenants were consulted and engaged throughout the process and their feedback informed the programme of works. They were keen on the prospects of increased space and improvements to the internal layout of their homes. As a result, opportunities have been taken to recreate existing garages into new habitable garden rooms, which has increased usable ground floor living space. On the first floor, new full height French doors with juliette balconies provide living rooms with additional light.