Mountview Road

Mulroy Architects

Homeowners Caroline and Alan found themselves with an unusual dilemma. Should they relocate to their homeland Australia, or stay in London? Concerned over their north facing garden which looked at the gable end of another house, and the rear façade which spent most of its time in shadow – they approached Mulroy Architects for creative solutions, enabling them to live on the street they’ve always wanted to, and bring Australia to north London. Mulroy believed the spirit of both places could be combined, supporting an improved quality of life and a truly bespoke family home. The site situated across from a water reservoir within the Stroud Green conservation area was challenged again with the north-facing aspect. Mulroy devised extensions with rooflights that ‘reach up’ to catch the sun – resulting in a dining room that feels immense, light filled and has views of the sky. An expansive, diagonal extension that is 9.3 metres deep and 4 metres high, has been placed at 45 degrees to face the light and introduce long views through the house and across the new landscape gardens, rather than the gable end of the neighbouring building. Inside, working with interior design studio, Simpson & Voyle, Mulroy moved the staircase increasing the size of the house by 30%, which enabled an extended hallway with stunning views of the rear garden. This included adding an entirely new basement and a series of internal window features, making the most of the city views available from this hilltop home.