Mountain View


A radical transformation of an Edwardian Semi-Detached House.

The ground floor steps down and opens up as you walk from the front to the back of the house. The deep blue front room retains its Edwardian features with Soanian style building fragments adorning the walls. The hallway leads to the open plan kitchen, made from recycled chopping boards and milk bottle tops. The ruined back wall of the house reveals the extension, a stage set mountain range held up by a bright blue and red exposed steel structure. Themes of landscape and mapping creep in with ranging pole columns and survey marker tiles. The lightweight extension contrasts with the solid red brick house. The first floor has been re-modelled with the hallway opened to the roof and a fourth bedroom added. The structural bones of the ceiling and roof have been retained picked out in pastel colours. The project is a highly personal response to the family's tastes and way of living.