Meadow House

Ström Architects

The clients wanted to create a large family home outside of the city, that would marry their love of architecture, with the realistic daily demands of domesticity. They were inspired by modernist ‘pavilion’ style architecture that embraces simplicity, functionality, and a strong connection with the surrounding environment.

The site is in protected Green Belt land, meaning that planning constraints were strict and dictated a low impact on the surrounding woodland setting. We designed a low-slung building, that would always sit against the backdrop of trees, rather than impinging on the skyline. To define the site, rather than make the house appear as an object simply placed in space, we used long stone walls to connect the building with the garden and grounds. The quadrants of space house distinct functions, creating a link between interior and exterior uses. A bedroom wing faces south-east to benefit from morning light; whilst the kitchen and living wing face south-west for evening light. A guest wing overlooks a walled kitchen garden, and the garage / ancillary wing faces an entrance courtyard and driveway. A swimming pool with a lifting floor acts as an enlarged terrace when the floor is raised, to maximise outdoor living. The house feels luxurious, and intimate; it is comfortable, yet special; it is practical, whilst also beautiful. We believe that the everyday details should bring joy, and reflect the care and attention that has been poured into them, from concept through to completion.