Bradley Van Der Straeten Architects

Mazarine, a project by Bradley Van Der Straeten, transforms two mansion apartments in Belsize Park into a colourful two-storey family home. Focused on maximizing daylight and reflecting the clients' passions for travel, art, and natural materials, Mazarine embodies an expression of colour, light, and flow.

Gautham and Sreeja, returning to London after a decade living in India, sought more space for their family and guests. With a rich art collection spanning their travels, they desired a home that would serve as a joyful backdrop for new memories and cherished pieces of nostalgia. The original properties' layout and the presence of neighbours above and below posed a challenge to alterations. By strategically positioning a new staircase to link the two apartments, we created a striking double-height space that brings unexpected natural light to the entrance area. Living spaces have been opened up across the depth of the building to benefit from cross light and cross ventilation and help create a sinuous flow of circulation and views across the new living spaces. We embraced bold and rich colours, combined with natural materials, and harnessing unexpected sources of natural light. The kitchen has become a focal point with vibrant hues of Blazer red and Mazarine blue, fostering a communal atmosphere. Each space was carefully curated to reflect the clients' eclectic art collection and evoke joyful nostalgia. By prioritizing the clients' needs and infusing each space with colour, light, and thoughtful design, Mazarine delivers a truly unique and joyful living experience.