Lagom House

Lowell Design and Build

: Photogapher Chris Wharton

Lagom House is a terraced Victorian house in East London belonging to a young couple, Erik who is originally from Denmark and Annie, from Japan. It is the reimagining of the ground floor spaces to reflect and retain the original Victorian heritage of the house in combination with that of it’s owners.

In addition to the front Victorian rooms, there were a series of newer extensions to the rear which were rebuilt. The design of the new spaces and layout were based in the combined fundamentals of wabi-sabi and hygge, where natural light, comfort and simplicity were essential. As part of this design concept a minimal palette was established to reflect the client’s preferred style of neutral colours and natural materials. The materials were purposely used differently for the original Victorian rooms to the front of the house verses the newer space to the rear. To the front, the Victorian living and music rooms have the Japandi palette applied whereas the newly created spaces of the extension to the rear the materials are inherent to the new structure providing a more intense aesthetic that successfully sits alongside the Victorian. Since the rear extension had to be rebuilt the available budget was limited, as a design and build company cost effectiveness for the project was inherent in the process from the beginning. Our knowledge of build costs directly informed design choices from the outset ensuring cost certainty for the client and zero waste from design through to completion on site.