Charlton Brown Architecture & Interiors

Replacing a 1930s home in Hampstead, north London, Charlton Brown Architects were given a simple brief: it should be flooded with light.

Knolehurst is a large, family home built on a sloping site, allowing space for a large basement and garage below, with an entrance beside the rising drive. To tie the building into the local area, Charlton Brown have used a simple palette of brick, clay tiles and natural stone. An entrance hall brings sunlight into the centre of the plan, reflecting across the limestone walls. Above, timber walkways span across, linking the stone-lined landings upstairs to main staircase. The staircase is complete with a Charlton Brown-designed bespoke lighting fixture which is suspended through the full height of the staircase. The family kitchen has dark countertops, white cupboards and metal details offer a simple, paired-back feel. In contrast, the sitting room draws away the light to create an optimal lounging space to relax. Custom joinery is also a feature of the dining room with sliding pocket doors, enabling the room to become an intimate space for the family’s needs. On the upper floors, five bedrooms are spaced along the three storeys, with four en-suite bathrooms. A transparent partition continues this sense of spaciousness in the basement, while also providing innovative storage for an impressive wine collection. Charlton Brown were also responsible for furniture, fittings and equipment at Knolehurst. Knolehurst is a sustainable development that adheres to the historic environmental policies of the surrounding area, creating a modern, positive contribution.