Knighton Mill

Spratley & Partners

Knighton Mill, nestled in the Cranborne Chase AONB, presented a unique challenge: how to sensitively build around a historic waterway while replacing an existing mill building. The 6,565 sq.ft scheme sought to marry tradition with modernity, creating a grand yet accessible forever home for our client.

The project's key innovation lay in its approach to the river. Spratley & Partners rerouted the River Ebble, reorienting the building for better arrival while maintaining views and heritage value. Logistics were complex, requiring a temporary coffer dam and meticulous engineering to form the groundwork around the water. The main building combines traditional materials with contemporary design, featuring rough-cut sandstone plinths and Bath stone blocks alongside a modern glass wing raised on concrete piles. As their forever home, accessibility was a priority for the client. It needed to accommodate both level access in certain areas and raised structures on stilts to withstand potential flooding while remaining wheelchair friendly. An internal lift provides access to the upper floor, ensuring accessibility throughout the building. Preserving heritage features and integrating seamlessly into the landscape were paramount. Spratley & Partners repaired historic waterways, preserved Victorian features, and enhanced the surroundings with designs by award-winning landscape designer Andy Sturgeon. Due to several sustainable features, the building achieves an impressive EPC Rating of B. Despite its complexity, the team brought the client's aspirations to life, designing a home that respects its surroundings and fulfils the client's vision for their forever home.