IO House

KSR Architects & Interior Designers

Architecture, interior design and smart tech combine to create IO House.

Our client had been intrigued by the site for many years and when they finally secured its acquisition, they presented us with the challenge; to design and deliver a home that would push the boundaries of technology and innovation within architecture and interior design while demonstrating a commitment to sustainable living. The house should seamlessly accommodate disability access throughout without being overly obvious or piecemeal. Their new family home should enjoy luxury, comfort and a touch of magic. Our architectural response was IO House; elegant yet playful, off-grid and accessible across all three levels. Externally, IO House is perceived as a contemporary, single-story property. In fact, the 20,000sqft home occupies three floors; the new build emerges at street level with the two lower levels hidden from public view. Inside, the seven-bedroom house enjoys a large family kitchen, a chef’s kitchen, a more casual dining area and formal dining room. The office overlooks the landscaped gardens. The Pyjama Lounge features a 77” screen for family film nights. Level Three, the ‘Leisure Level’, is subterranean and home to the gym, spa, pool and ‘Earthquake’ cinema. A refined, monochrome interior design palette provides a cool backdrop for what we describe as the ‘Gamification of Architecture’. IO House is brimming with unexpected encounters. The inclusion of digital art and intriguing works of holography within this extraordinary house creates a truly immersive environment and exceptional family home.