Hertfordshire Townhouse

Bernard Interiors

This luxury newly built Hertfordshire townhouse is the client’s first family home, and the brief was to create a calm, relaxing interior, whilst being able to stand the test of time with young children.

Our client’s style is a refined sense of delicate elegance, which wasn’t driven by trend, with considered selections of furniture and fabrics which are timeless and personable. The challenge of designing a newly built property is integrating the client’s personality and creating an interior that feels intimate for family living. Emphasis was placed on sourcing and producing products locally with a view to reducing the project’s carbon footprint, and supporting the local economy. All joinery and upholstery pieces were produced in the UK, and we commissioned tradespeople based in the local area to deliver work onsite. We ensured that the lighting and technology systems enabled effortless modern living, enlisting home automation specialists to ensure sleek, easy, and intuitive technical design. The lighting, entertainment system and curtains, the technology is discreet and simple to use to fit the owner’s busy lifestyle. At every stage, we sought to balance luxury with practicality, a delicate aesthetic with family-focused functionality.