Hampstead House

Carver Farshi

The reinvigoration and extension of a 6,000sqft Neo-Georgian house in Hampstead that both celebrates the heritage of the original building and introduces a contemporary, light-filled extension.

The original house was cluttered with multiple, incongruous extensions and alterations from the past century. Original features were lost, internal spaces were dark and warren-like. We started by peeling off the ill-conceived extensions and rationalising the circulation. Springing off a central circulation route through the house, a linear extension stretches out into the garden, giving panoramic views onto the landscape and an ancient oak tree. The original rear façade of the house, now uncovered and reinstated, brings light into the previously dark internal spaces. The extension utilises a cantilevered structure to extend closer to the oak tree, a beautiful focal point of the property, without encroaching on its root zone. Environmentally a ‘fabric first’ approach was taken for the existing building. The original façade was internally insulated, and all roof insulation was upgraded to modern standards. Traditional timber sash windows with slim-line double glazing were installed, satisfying local planning requirements whilst improving the thermal performance of the building. An air source heat pump was introduced to heat the building, eliminating the house’s reliance on fossil fuels. Careful consideration of openable windows and skylights encourages natural cross ventilation and stack-effect cooling. A traditional and craft-led approach was undertaken to revive the original features of the property. A contemporary, contrasting new addition creates a sympathetic layering of old and new within this family home.