Green Landscape The Quarters @ Redhill

Vistry Mercia

Vistry Mercia is building 450 homes at The Quarters @ Redhill in Telford under its Linden Homes and Bovis Homes brands, and it has placed an ambitious landscaping project at the heart of its development design.

Green space at the location will cover 27.8 acres – the equivalent of 10 Olympic-sized football fields. The masterplan for the development uses this space thoughtfully to meet the challenges of creating character zones, attractive natural vistas and areas for children to play and for all ages to take part in sport – all this while incorporating measures to protect and nurture wildlife and plant life both during the build and when the scheme is complete and established. Central to the scheme is a green corridor that includes ponds, wildflower meadow planting, grassed areas, and additional tree and hedgerow planting to complement the existing trees and hedgerows on the site, with the first phase of this part of the landscaping scheme already complete. The Quarters will be a welcoming place to live not only for people, but also for insects, bees, birds, bats, hedgehogs and other animals, thanks to the focus on biodiversity and wildlife habitats. With a varied target market appealing to residents of all ages, it has also been important to create a landscaping scheme that worked for a wide variety of uses and lifestyles. All these challenges are being met by a strategy which incorporates innovative planting schemes, working practices and landscaping design and layout.