Grade II* Private Residence

Chris Dyson Architects

Maria Louise Long - Project Architect, Chris Dyson Architects; Alan Baxter, Structural Engineers; Michael Brady, Limited Contractors; P3r Engineers Limited, Mechanical and Electrical; The Lighting Asylum; Rupert Bevan Slatted Timer suppliers; Ashview and K&D Joinery

The project brief was to convert this Grade II* property from office use to its original purpose as a single family dwelling. The design and original layout of the historic building made for inappropriate office spaces but also resulted in adaptation which was detriment to the property. Our key aim was to transform the property, reinstating elements lost to history, while creating a comfortable and sustainable home to meet 21st century family needs.

The front façade was largely intact and therefore involved repair work only. Sadly, the original rear of the property had been lost due to a series of unsympathetic extensions and later adaptations for office use. These neither matched the style nor proportions of the host building. One of the key challenges was allowing natural light to the centre of the glorious original drawing room, currently dark and gloomy due to the design of the rear extension. Following analysis and studies, the decision was taken to fully remove the roof and rebuild the façade of the extension. These new elements benefited from high quality and sustainable design. A key aspect in providing this new extension was also celebrating the quality of the material used in the original build. Through exposure of beautiful brickwork of the original rear façade and introduction of a new fixed glazed rooflight over allowed the celebration of both narratives at the threshold between old and new while transforming the natural light which was now available deep into the plan.