Fisherton Street

Westminster City Council and Linkcity

Fisherton Street is the first stage in Westminster City Council’s long-term regeneration of Church Street. Led by the Council in partnership with placemaking specialist Linkcity, this development is an outstanding example of Westminster’s commitment to high quality affordable housing.

The Church Street neighbourhood is an area of great vibrancy and character but suffers from issues of social and economic exclusion, despite its Zone 1 location and proximity to the West End. Fisherton Street is revitalising the area and boosting community social wellbeing with 174 homes including 65 affordable; this is the first stage of the wider regeneration of the Church Street neighbourhood which overall will deliver 1,750 new homes and 40% additional public realm across ten sites. Fisherton Street also includes a 490m² sports centre and community space bringing the wider neighbourhood superb new amenities. Income generated by home sales is cross subsidising the delivery of further new and refurbished affordable homes, amenities and public space over the next 15-20 years. Entire neighbourhoods are being transformed; high-quality housing is raising living standards for social housing tenants and creating home ownership opportunities for local people. Westminster is driving an ambitious strategic vision to rejuvenate neighbourhoods across the city with new affordable homes, community amenities and exciting public realm. It is unlocking a historical stalemate in housing development through innovative regeneration of brownfield sites, with Fisherton Street leading the way.