Ferry House

AR Design Studio

Ferry House is a private bespoke replacement dwelling located near the historic city of Salisbury, completed in 2023 by award winning Winchester based Architects AR Design Studio. The site is surrounded by mature trees to the south and east, and a large area of woodland to the North. The ground slopes steeply down to banks of the river Avon that meanders along the sites western boundary. Across the river are far reaching views over the Salisbury flood plains with the spire of Salisbury cathedral in the distance. The site was once home to a ferry man, who ferried walkers across the river. Swans swim the river, cows graze the flood plains and kites, the houses namesake, soar overhead.

The house is comprised of three wings. Each wing has a pitched roof and splays outwards in plan and upwards in elevation from the center, meaning the spaces at the end of each wing are wider and taller than those in the center. Each has a different function, one dedicated to living areas, one the private master suite, dressing and office, and the other is back of house, including garage, boot room and utility. From the front the house appears as a single story pavilion. At the rear the ground slopes away to reveal a lower ground floor emerging from the ground.