Edge House

Hyde + Hyde Architects

Edge House, overlooking the Irish Sea, stands on a dramatic peninsula in Ceredigion. The clients, who spent many summers here as children, have a deep understanding of this unique coastal setting, which has profoundly influenced the home's architecture.

Using the footprint of a disconnected and poorly built existing property, Hyde + Hyde’s design is shaped by the family's deep-rooted connection to the area, welcoming natural light and views at every opportunity. The ground floor features an impressive double-height entryway and accommodates private sleeping and study spaces, with direct access to the garden. Contrasting these concrete finishes, the cantilevered first floor, with its exposed glulam structure and dark interiors, creates a series of cosy social and shared spaces where the colours of the sea and far-reaching views take centre stage thanks to generously glazed facades. Across both floors, the bedrooms are angled away from the cliff edge towards the horizon to navigate the site's strong winds and provide privacy from close neighbours. Responding to the peninsula's risk of cliff erosion, an innovative concrete sub-structure and cantilevered foundations secure the home's stability and longevity. This approach safeguards against future environmental challenges and extends the design towards the client's much-loved views. Externally, textured concrete on the ground floor and slate-like fibre cement tiles above echo the region's traditional architecture. The result is a low-energy, resilient home designed to last for generations, rooted in its coastal context yet forward-thinking in its approach.