Darklass is a rural development in the Highlands of Scotland, six miles from the coastal town of Nairn. The scheme consists of seven detached houses each with two distinct volumes: a generous high-ceilinged open-plan living area and a two-story section that contains the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Darklass stands as a pioneering initiative in Scotland, it integrates renewable energy sources, heat recovery and advanced battery storage and solar solutions. Originally constructed in Sweden using a highly insulated closed panel system, sustainably sourced timber and recyclable raw materials. The external treatment consists of cladding and render with an aluminium standing seam roof. The finished houses achieve an exceptional EPC ‘A’ rating. The target market consisted of individuals seeking a lifestyle change, prioritising sustainable, energy-efficient homes in a beautiful part of the country. Sales were conducted off-plan, with a collaborative process between clients and the developer ensuring each house met the client's specific needs and preferences. The development faced significant challenges due to COVID-19, both logistically, with pre-fabricated houses being shipped from Sweden, and operationally, adhering to rigorous on-site working practices to ensure everyone's safety. Global supply chain issues later halted construction entirely, eventually leading to the establishment of a new UK-based manufacturing partner.