Creek Cabin

MAP Architecture in collaboration with Jon Broome Architects

: Photography by David Valinsky

Project by MAP Architecture in collaboration with Jon Broome Architects.

Creek Cabin sits within an internationally-recognised, RAMSAR-designated wetland and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the Suffolk Broads. Consisting of a c. 3,088 sqft innovative replacement dwelling, the project was challenged by the necessity of a flood-resilient approach to construction, as well as very restrictive planning requiring the design to be responsive to the landscape and ecology of a sensitive location. The brief was to create a highly sustainable family home with complex detailing and a unique aesthetic which would achieve high levels of thermal comfort whilst keeping the embodied carbon low. The client required a range of innovative features including a green roof designed to ‘float’ above the main building, a pneumatic lift and a range of off-grid energy systems. The project is designed to Passivhaus standards with high levels of insulation, triple glazed windows and air tightness of less than 1. The PVs, biomass boiler and wood chip storage are all located on site and the wood chips are locally sourced. Extreme attention has been paid to harmoniously integrating the project with its surroundings and allowing the possibility to enjoy the beauty of the space. The curved roof structure, finished with a living green roof with integrated irrigation system, is an innovative solution unseen elsewhere and three raised terraces maximise the views of the surrounding AONB.