Common Villa

Gundry + Ducker

Located near Wimbledon Common, the scheme is a transformation of an early 2000s detached house. The scheme comprises a new façade, porch, infill extensions, and a complete interior remodel. The idea was to create a “country house in miniature”, adding spacial drama and material richness but on a human scale. The internal plan is based on the arts and crafts layout of a central double-height hallway from which rooms are oriented to the north or the south according to their use. Social to the south and private to the north. The layout is based on issues of orientation, daylight, sociability and privacy, with a combination of open plan and cellular space. It is designed to celebrate the movement throughout the house. And provide a sequence of rich and satisfying spaces. Sitting within an area characterised by the individual Edwardian villa, the new facade is designed to be a contemporary interpretation of this form whilst having a relationship with the adjacent listed building. This is in contrast to the orginal form of the house , which would best have been described as a built diagram of what could be maximised on site while considering constraints like overlooking and rights to light. This resulted in a poorly lit house with a poor layout and a very awkward relationship with the space around it.